ITALSPAWN ITALIA S.r.l. was established in 1977 by Valentino Sartor to supply high quality mushroom spawn.

Valentino learned about the industry working in the family business which, in the 1960s, was one of the largest mushroom suppliers in Europe and the first in Italy.

Initially Italspawn concentrated on just a few varieties with the off-white hybrid Champignon mushroom a specialty. However, Italspawn also invested in research and development, establishing new supplements and different types of spawn for a growing and diverging market. This research and development continues with a programme run with The University Cattolica of Piacenza (ITALIA).

The focus on quality and innovation allowed Italspawn Italia S.r.l. to become one of the world leaders in the mushroom spawn business by the early 1980s. This success has continued and, as we mark our 25th anniversary, we are expanding our production to over 10 million litres a year. We now supply the highest quality mushroom spawn to 24 countries across several continents including Italy, USA, Holland, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Greece, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Saudi Arabia.